Valentine Cat sees Turkey for the Taking

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Turkey for the Taking

November 21, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 40 Comments

Oh-h lookie what I see! Why it’s a puffed out plump fowl, a fresh turkey for the taking from the local farm up the road! And it is just in time for the big feast! I can already taste its savory juices and tender meat that are sure to purr-lease my lil’ tummy.

What, Mom? No, I think you must be mistaken. You and Dr. Frick n’ Frack keep saying I’m allergic to turkey, but I’m a kitty cat, so how can that be??! I think it’s a conspiracy! My test sample must have been contaminated at the lab! And anyways that test was done two years ago, so even if I did have an allergy, which I believe I did not, any turkey allergy surely would be gone by now. I shall tuck my napkin under my chin and patiently wait with my plate for dinner service. Just make sure that Mr. Tom Turkey is on the menu!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my family and furr-iends! I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love for you to comment. Mew Mew!