Valentine Cat Whiskey Boy

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Whiskey Boy

January 9, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 35 Comments

Mew Mew it’s me! Do you like my pose? Mom took this photo just yesterday, and well, it is just one of those photographs that just looks better in black and white. I think Mom now has a new nickname for me. And it’s not that I drink whiskey, ’cause I’ve heard that’s kind of like drinking fire water and I don’t want a hole in my tummy! Eek! The name is for how this picture captures all the fineness of my facial furrs and hairs, of course. And do you like how the light shines on my lil’ upturned nose? Tee hee hee.

Here is the ever-growing list of nicknames that Mom has for me in case you are curious:

  • Valentino (as in Rudolph the actor of old Hollywood; the Italian version of my name, ’cause Mom seems to love everything Italian)
  • Val
  • Valtine (purr-nounced like Saltine as in Saltine crackers)
  • Valentine (variation of the purr-nunciation of my name with long “e” sound at the end instead of long “i” sound; after the professional dancer on TV’s Dancing with the Stars, ’cause Mom thinks he’s very handsome)
  • V (as in the letter “V”)
  • Wooly Bear (after the black, Wooly Bear caterpillars, ’cause Mom thinks I look like them)
  • Zatara (meaning “drift wood” from the movie The Count of Monte Cristo, ’cause maybe Mom thinks I can float?!)
  • Vizzini (from the character in one of Mom’s favorite movies The Princess Bride)
  • Bappo (this is actually a nickname that Dad calls me on occasion, not sure why)
  • Lil’ Licorice Bit (after the candy, ’cause Mom love’s black licorice)
  • Boba (as in the black tapioca pearls used in bubble tea, ’cause Mom loves bubble tea)
  • Whiskey Boy (’cause Mom loves my furrs & whiskers)

This is not an all-inclusive list, ’cause there are others that Dad calls me from time to time, but they are not ones I wish to repeat here.

Do you have a Whiskey Boy, too? I would love for you to comment. And guess what? My Gotcha Day is just around the corner and so is the announcement of my contest for Valentine’s Day. So keep an eye out for the upcoming posts!

I want to send special healing purrs to Cooper Murphy and to Moet’s momma.

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