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Wordy Wordless Wednesday: The Cursed Mousies

September 27, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 31 Comments

The beautiful Erin the Cat Princess paw penned (wrote) “Love and Laugh Like a Pirate! Arrr!” part 1 and part 2 on her blog for National Talk Like a Pirate Day. That was the first time I learned that there was such a day! And she mentioned my name as a pirating character in her dream! That was pawsome and super nice of her. So I’ve responded by paw penning the following as Chapter 2, which continues where hers (chapter 1 essentially) leaves off.

Chapter 2: “The Cursed Mousies”, paw penned by moi

Nom nom nom… good nip. Nom nom. Ah… a good nip makes me (big yawn) kind of sleepy. Nom nom nom… (yawning)… nom nom… (Mr. Sandman comes calling)… Nom… Z-zz-zzz-zzz…


I, Count Prince Von Valentino, spent the afternoon in my mosaic-tiled, dry bath taking in the scents of the finely sifted salts that appeared as tiny multifaceted gemstones. After fully relaxed, I proceeded to groom my black furrs until silky smooth with my pink, fine-toothed comb. A gentleman must always look sharp for the lady, I thought to myself. Afterwards, I took out my wide, red satin sash from the walnut wardrobe and secured it diagonally across my fluffy chest.

Once dressed, I then walked out into the foyer and stepped in front of the great mahogany and gilded pier glass to check my mustache, pawing my ebony hairs so they stood out straight and smooth at the sides. “Mew Mew,” I said to the dark and handsome twin staring back at me. I proceeded to the drawing room. Nervous with anticipation, my paws feeling a bit clammy, I poured myself a Rufous Hummy Sherry from the crystal decanter. Then I took a seat on my red, velvet tuffet by the stone mantel carved in the shape of a proud panther head with crackling fire at its wide, open mouth. I sat patiently waiting for the beautiful princess – my little black and white confection with sparkles in her eyes. I could already smell her sweet perfume and feel the touch of her lovely cheek brush up against mine, sensations that were saved in my memory from our previous encounters. She would soon walk with me paw in paw to the upper balcony where an intimate table would be set with a purr-fect view of the night sky, where the air would be filled with the scent of damask from the garden terrace of red roses below. The marbled pussy cat at the center of the terrace would sound his violin with soft notes and as he did light mists would envelope the fountain from his whiskers and the bow.

I had instructed my chefs to prepare a four-course dinner in honor of the princess’s (AKA Cat’ptain Erin) visit to these great, green lands of the Pacific. She was to be my special guest and stay with me in my private estate deep in the forest. The dinner spread was to include all the princess’s favorites – Canadian cured cheeses, the richest creams, sprouts from the famed gardens of Brussels, mouth-watering fruits from the Californias, and custard made with golden eggs.

The main course was to be a surprise – plump mousies – grays, browns, whites and creams, brushed with butter and drizzled with a touch of Ahi oil, roasted with Emerald nip herbs until golden brown. I knew the princess would delight in hearing that the main course was actually those dastardly villains of the high seas, Captain El Mignon Mouse-morsels and crew that tried to plunder her ship!

But before Princess Erin and I could go out to the balcony together and sit and taste the delicacies, something went amiss. According to my chefs, the main course seemed to have jumped out of the roasting pan and came back to life as some sort of skeleton beasties! And they were trying to go after the cheeses set out on the platter! Oh no! The Cursed Mousies! Dinner is foiled… what will I tell the princess! I wanted to… But then… Oh no!… No…no!

(tossing and turning)

To be continued by Erin the Cat Princess, in Chapter 3 “Of Stranger Tides and Mice”
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My, what a dream I had as Count Prince Von Valentino! Or WAS it a dream?! Oh my! What do you think he, I mean I, I mean we, should tell the princess? I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love for you to comment. Mew Mew!